Credit Oman Calls Upon Exporters to Take Advantage of its Insurance Services

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Credit Oman is calling upon businesses, exporters and manufacturers to benefit from the insurance services and solutions it provides with the aim of ensuring their rights and sales value in light of the worldwide current situation due to the widespread of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) pandemic and as a result of the different restrictions, measures and policies imposed by some countries around world, including the disrupting business in banks and other institutions delaying therefore the settlement of the sales value to Omani exporters.

Credit Oman explained to exporters and companies concerned about the risks of delayed or defaulted receipt of their commercial receivables by domestic and international buyers that the export credit insurance and domestic credit insurance policies help exporters reduce commercial and political risks, allowing them cash their financial dues safely, which will help them pursue their sale and export activities without incurring any financial losses.

Moreover, Credit Oman affirmed in a statement full commitment to support domestic exporters, manufacturers and sellers through customized insurance solutions specifically designed to support them and meet their needs in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic.