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Credit Oman SAOC was founded in 1991, under the name of Export Guarantee Financing Unit (EGFU). Since its inception, Credit Oman has played a pivotal role in facilitating domestic and export trade and contributing to Oman’s economic development. For over 30 years, Credit Oman has both shaped domestic trade, and catalyzed exports from the country to regional and international markets.


30 years of insuring trade

The Sultanate of Oman is geared towards achieving Vision 2040, an ambitious plan which will transform the nation and enable economic diversification.

Aligned with the goals of Vision 2040, specifically ‘Creating Wealth through Economic Diversification and Private Sector Partnership’, Credit Oman, as the leading credit insurer in Oman, is empowering the private sector to grow beyond borders. Economic diversification entails the shift from an oil-based economy, to one that is driven by the private sector and SMEs, for national prosperity.


The products and services provided by Credit Oman contribute to facilitating trade for companies registered in Oman, both on a domestic and international level. The trade credit insurance products allow for businesses to trade safely and protect their cash flow, through the various tools provided under each policy.

Policies for corporate clients

Trade credit insurance policy

Trade credit insurance policy

For companies registered in Oman, seeking to trade with local buyers or export their products or services internationally, the short-term trade credit receivables policy safeguards sale…

Multi-buyer trade credit insurance policy

Multi-buyer trade credit insurance policy

The Multi-buyer Policy by Credit Oman, offers full buyer portfolio coverage. This policy is ideal for companies selling to a large number of buyers, locally in Oman or exporting to international markets.

SME Policy

SME policy

The SME Policy by Credit Oman, is tailored for small and medium sized enterprises, both selling goods and services in Oman, as well as companies selling to international markets. This policy for can be used by companies registered in Oman as ..

Advance Payment insurance policy

Advance Payment insurance policy

The Advance Payment insurance policy is issued to companies that are registered in Oman. The policyholder purchases this Policy, to insure the advance payments that the policyholder is carrying ..

Extended short-term credit insurance policy

Extended short-term credit insurance policy

The extended short-term credit insurance policy insures its holders against the payment default of their corporate buyer for the sales of goods and services, payable by instalments, over a period of up to 36 months.

Policies customized for Banks

Documentary Credit Insurance Policy (DCIP)

Documentary Credit Insurance Policy (DCIP)

The Documentary Credit Insurance Policy (DCIP) by Credit Oman, is a specialized policy for banks. It provides a Letter of Credit (LC) confirmation to safeguard export trade transactions. It is available for commercial banks and financial institutions. It protects them against risks or default or non-payment by the buyer, based on the LC issued by the importer’s bank.

Your biggest asset The biggest asset of any company is its trade receivables. Insuring it is integral for growth. Better borrowing from banks With a trade credit insurance policy in hand, banks will provide better borrowing terms. Protect cash flow When your buyers do not pay on time, trade credit insurance enables you to protect your cash flow. Know your risks There are thousands of risks associated with buyers, countries and exporting.
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