Yes. Credit Oman normally reimburses the legal fees paid to the appointed lawyer and the court, in the buyer’s country in the proportion of its liability to the total outstanding debt provided the claim for loss is admitted by Credit Oman. It does not contribute other expenses such as travel expenses, auditor’s fees, translation charges and any overhead expenses, etc. However, Credit Oman is not obliged to share recovery costs, as per the policy. Also, being an insured, you should inform Credit Oman, on the legal fees agreed upon in advance.

The exporter has a prime responsibility as per the Policy to vigorously pursue recovery action and to keep the Agency informed of such action from time to time. As and when any amount is recovered, the amount will have to be shared with the Agency in the ratio in which the loss was borne.

In case of recovery expenses, documentary evidence of recovery expenses inquired by the exporter with the approval of the Agency should be furnished to the Agency to reimburse the recovery expenses in the same proportion in which losses were apportioned between the Agency and the exporter.