Credit Oman Provides its Services to Omani Manufacturers and Exporters in Light of the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Credit Oman continues to support Omani exporters and manufacturers despite the COVID-19 pandemic and the oil prices drop, taking all necessary measures to this end, including the provision of insurance services and coverage that help them sell their products domestically and internationally, without being concerned about the buyers’ failure to pay.

Sheikh Khalil A. Al Harhy, CEO of Credit Oman, stated that the services provided by Credit Oman aim at supporting and encouraging the efforts of Omani exporters to promote their exports and increase the volume of intra-trade and exports destined for the global markets, which will directly help exports reach different countries around the world.

He added that since the establishment of Oman Credit in 1991, the world and the region have witnessed different political and non-political circumstances, environmental disasters and many more which may directly affect the export process. However, Credit Oman has played an essential and vital role to protect the rights of exporters and manufacturers.