The Export Credit Guarantee Agency S.A.O.C. (Credit Oman) commenced its export credit insurance, guarantee, and financing activities in servicing Omani exporters since 1991. Credit Oman operates as national export credit agency of the Sultanate of Oman. It is an independent legal entity that is closely held company fully funded by the Government of the Sultanate of Oman which enables it to cover its financial needs and to build up the necessary reserves in meeting its obligations. It played a catalyst role in the promotion of the Omani non-oil exports. During more than 24 years of its existence, it has continued to meet its dual objectives of promoting Omani non-oil exports through its valuable credit insurance, guarantee and financing services and also remaining self-sustaining.

The level of Omani non-oil exports has grown substantially through the years from only RO.79 million in 1991 to R.O. 3806.7 million in 2013. Credit Oman of Oman has insured variety of Omani produced or manufactured products in various sectors to 108 countries world-wide. Thus its core credit insurance services has to a certain extent played an important role in the promotion and growth of Omani non-oil exports.

The Export Credit Guarantee Agency of Oman (SAOC) has long been actively providing export credit insurance protection and support to growing number of Omani exporters. It has paid claims to exporters for their buyers to such countries as U.S.A., UK, Italy, France, South Africa, Greece, Holland, Germany, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan and India.

The Agency’s services are available to any Oman exporter of any size, operating in any industrial, commodity or service sector. Its valuable and beneficial services have always provided excellent opportunities for exporters considering tangible benefits to them.

The Agency meets the needs of exporters by providing a range of facilities which include the following services :-

  • Export Credit Insurance which provides cover to Omani exporters against commercial and non-commercial risks. These include buyer’s insolvency/bankruptcy, buyer’s failure to pay, buyer refusing delivery of goods, foreign exchange transfer delay, import bans or cancellation of import license, payment moratorium, war, civil disorder, natural disasters. Credit Oman’s guarantee minimize the risk and maximize the opportunities of exporters selling in foreign markets. Credit Oman indemnifies exporters if they are not been paid by their buyers abroad.
  • Domestic credit insurance services to credit insured exporters so as to cover also local sales apart from exports thus mitigating commercial risks of default and bankruptcy of the local buyers.
  • Post-shipment financing of exports through bills discounting with the commercial banks at concessional interest rates.
  • Pre-shipment financing facilities to exporters through commercial banks against guarantees issued by Credit Oman for working capital requirements so as to meet and enhance the opportunity for their export sales.
  • Assists and guides the exporters in recovering old outstandings and bad debts
  • Advises exporters on credit-worthiness, payment records, financial position, commercial morality and other related information on the buyers which assist exporters in their decision for extending credit by acting prudently.

Credit Oman's services are available to any Omani exporter of any size, operating in any industrial, commodity or service sector. The existence of such beneficial services extended by Credit Oman to its clients provide excellent opportunities to utilize them effectively considering direct tangible benefits to them whether in terms of risk minimization through credit insurance or improving liquidity through bills discounting under post-shipment financing or availing working capital financing under pre-shipment export credit guarantee scheme.

“ The key to success is to avail Credit Oman’s services for safe export business. As credit insured exporters, while you trade at ease and Reap the profits... Credit Oman will bear the risks.”

An Credit Oman Export Credit Policy will protect you when you export on Open Account, Post Dated Cheques, Documents Against Payment, Documents Against Acceptance and Irrevocable Letters of Credit.


There are two main categories to watch out for:


  • buyer's insolvency/bankruptcy,
  • buyer's failure to pay,
  • buyer refusing delivery of goods.


  • oreign exchange transfer delay,
  • import bans or cancellation of import license,
  • payment moratorium,
  • war, civil disorder, natural disasters

Other benefits of services provided to credit insured exporters include post shipment financing through discounting of export bills by commercial banks at concessional rates of interest as well as issuance of guarantees to commercial banks to ease the grant of pre-shipment credit facilities for working capital requirements for exporters.