Chairman's Message


H.E. Qais Mohammed Moosa AL-YOUSEF

Export Credit Guarantee Agency of Oman is completely aware of its obligations towards it credit insured exporters, as it seeks to confine the risks which are faced by exports. Hence, the firm belief on the importance of providing the necessary credit insurance services is inevitable. Moving forward with the role set for the Agency in promoting Oman’s exports, it ensures with enthusiasm the future diversification of providing its services which will bestow the private sector in the Sultanate of Oman, and encourage entrepreneurs to export their products all over the world, in addition to expanding their sales of Omani manufactured products locally through domestic and export credit insurance, while the policyholder is at ease of mind from any risks that they may encounter, knowingly that the Agency will indemnify against the losses due to non-payment by their buyers which will assist them in promoting Omani products to reach all around the world in accordance with the visions of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said – May GOD save and protect him – and his wise government in promoting local products.

We at Export Credit Guarantee Agency of Oman are working hard to provide the successes that are awaiting the policyholders. We are also confident with the services which we provide to our policyholders and credit insured clients either manufacturers or exporters in guaranteeing their utmost rights with us through indemnifying their domestic and export sales against any circumstances and in accordance with the terms and conditions stipulated.

Finally, the key to success is through availing the services provided by the Agency for safe domestic and export business. As credit insured exporters, while you trade at ease and reap the profits,Credit Oman of Oman will bear the potential risks.